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The Movement Room

Gentle stretching and mindful movement can help to reduce or eliminate pain, increase flexibility and promote a feeling of overall well-being. We offer:

Applied Somatics – a gentle system of movements performed lying down to relieve tension and pain and improve posture and flexibility. A simple, effective method to develop and maintain a more comfortable body right now and throughout your life. A helpful process to prepare you to enjoy other activities.

Somatic Yoga – a system of postures, breathwork, concentration and meditation that combines Applied Somatics techniques with gentle and restorative Hatha Yoga. Somatic Yoga is helpful in reducing and managing pain, increasing body awareness, releasing tension and building strength and flexibility in body and mind.


Private, Individual and Group Somatics, Tai Chi or Yoga classes are available by appointment.

Classes are held at the Duncan Wellness Centre’s Movement Room at:
301 Brae Rd., Duncan, BC V9L 3T9.   

Equipment is provided or you can bring your own yoga mat.  You do not need to wear gym clothing for Somatics classes but please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

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Register by calling 748-6600