General Questions

What should I expect after a therapy session?

Your healthcare practitioner will discuss with you how you may feel after your session as this is dependent upon the particular symptoms being treated, modalities and techniques used, and other circumstances specific to each situation.

Do I need a doctor’s referal?

In most cases there is no need for a referal from your doctor – although many doctors do refer their patients to us for care. Some insurance plans or ICBC may require a referral – please check with your insurance provider or, if appropriate, ICBC before booking.

Do I need to tip?

Unlike spa treatments, it is not appropriate to tip your therapist – your therapist is a healthcare professional.

Is there tax on the treatment?

In British Columbia, therapists must charge appropriate taxes on services.

Will I need to undress for my treatment?

Depending upon the treatment, some level of clothing removal is usually required. Your personal comfort levels will be respected at all times and you should discuss any concerns with your practitioner. Remember that your healthcare practitioner is a professional who will do their best to respect your modesty by leaving the room to give you privacy while you undress, provide a sheet which will be used to drape areas not directly involved in the treatment at any given time.

Classes & Workshops

Do I need to be a client to enroll in a class?

You do not need to be a Clinic client to enroll in one of our classes, workshops or special events. Phone 250-748-6600 if you have any questions about the suitablitiy of a class or to enroll. Classes are sometimes booked months ahead so please enroll as soon as you are certain you wish to participate.

I have limited movement and some pain – are these classes for me?

Many of our classes, especially the Somatic and Somatic Yoga classes, are designed to increase mobility and manage pain. Relaxation rather than exhertion is stressed and your instructor will encourage you only take each movement to levels where you are exploring the movement gently within the limits of your personal situation. If you are tired or feeling uncomfortable, relax and complete the movement in your mind – muscle relaxation can sometimes be achieved this way.

Outside the Clinic

Is there something I can do at home to help manage pain?

Depending upon your particular case, your practitioner may be able to recommend a regime of Somatic Exerices, rehab exercise, yoga, or Tai Chi which may help with pain management. We also have Somatic pain management CDs with gentle exerices which may help with pain management. In addition, exercises from our classes can be very useful done at home Рalways do them mindfully and without pushing into pain.