Andrew Teufel, RMT, CHSE

Andrew Teufel RMT, CSE, CASE, YT

Andrew Teufel has been involved in health care for 27 years. His own personal path has involved travelling the road of injuries and pain for nearly fifteen years. Andrew integrates the practices that brought the positive changes of comfort, control and freedom to his health. This experience gives Andrew a unique practice and perspective to help others.

He has worked as a RN both in Canada and the USA, where he received training in CCU. He has been a student of Yoga with a personal practice for 27 years and has had a personal practice in Somatics for 20 years in addition to being a Registered Massage Therapist of 21 years and a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator for 15 years.

Andrew completed his East to West Yoga teacher training 350hrs, Red Door Yoga Teacher Training 500hrs and Somatic Yoga Teacher Training with Eleanor Criswell, PhD.

Andrew believes in a somatic (mind/body) approach in helping individuals back to comfort and health.